A Lambton County man was caught driving disabled after slowly driving home from the casino


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A Lambton County man went to Point Edward Casino on a Friday night last fall because he was having a bad day.

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But Darrel Jacobs’ day only got worse from then on.

On December 4, shortly after 10 p.m., he was arrested and taken to Lambton OPP headquarters in Petrolia for investigation, which found that he had at least 180 milligrams of alcohol in 100 milliliters of blood. The legal limit is 80.

“The blood alcohol levels here are very high and very problematic,” said Judge Deborah Austin.

In addition to the high scores, Jacobs, 41, hasn’t had a valid driver’s license since “at least” 2008, Crown deputy attorney Aniko Coughlan pointed out.

“Mr. Jacobs, I am concerned about the extent to which you continued to drive a motor vehicle during the lockdown,” Austin said when she imposed a combined fine of $ 2,300 and banned him from driving for 15 months.

Jacobs admitted he was wrong when pleading guilty last month to interfering with driving and driving during lockdown.

“I take responsibility and know that I shouldn’t have driven that day,” he said. “I had a bad day. I learned my lesson.”

On his bad day, it was only two hours left when an OPP officer slowly drove a red Pontiac G6 south along the Tulloch Line and Kimball Road. The radar showed that he was only driving 55 kilometers per hour in a 50 mph zone, so the officer turned on the emergency lights on the cruiser to stop him.

“It took about 45 seconds for the driver to see the emergency equipment and slowly pull onto the curb,” said Coughlan.

“There was a reason I was going so slowly,” said Jacobs. “I knew I shouldn’t have been on the street. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone or myself. I was just trying to make it home. “

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After they finally stopped, the police could smell alcohol on Jacob’s breath.

“The officer observed an open bottle of Ultra that was half full in the center console, as well as four empty beer bottles and a half-full 26 (ounce) Smirnoff vodka on the passenger level,” said Coughlan.

Defense attorney Autumn Johnson pointed out that her client was “cooperative with the police” and “open and honest”.

“He said he was returning home from the casino after a bad day,” said Coughlan. “Jacobs admitted that he drank too much.”

Jacbos had a criminal record, but both lawyers agreed that the conviction was “dated” in 2005.

Other fees have been withdrawn.

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