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The holiday period has started again.   What holiday rights do your employees have again? And what about holidays that your employees have built up in 2016? You can read more about this in this article. If your employee applies for a holiday with you, first of all make sure that you respond within 2… Read Article →

Employers in the sectors of Open Cultivation, Flower Bulb Wholesale and Greenhouse Horticulture can use this scheme to employ employees for peak work. Benefits and conditions An employee may only work with one employer under the Peak Work scheme once a year. With this scheme, employees can perform a maximum of 8 weeks of consecutive… Read Article →

With the arrival of the Work and Security Act, the severance pay on the basis of the sub-district court formula has been replaced by the transition allowance. Although the main rule seems clear, the transition fee raises many questions. Frequently asked questions are: When do I have to pay the transitional compensation: only for permanent… Read Article →

The Working Conditions Act applies to all employers and employees and changes regularly. The renewed Working Conditions Act increases the involvement of employers and employees in occupational health services and makes prevention even more central. We have listed the most important issues for you.   The basic contract is entered. This sets minimum requirements for… Read Article →

Minister Asscher has announced a number of measures to solve the bottlenecks in the labor market. What is important to you as an employer? We have listed a brief overview of the changes for you. Employees of 23 years and older with a full-time employment contract are entitled to a minimum wage of € 1,537.20… Read Article →

Is your company already fully equipped at the WKR? Ten questions and answers about this important tax regulation. 1. What is the labor costs scheme?   The labor costs scheme (WKR) is a tax scheme that replaces the old schemes for reimbursements and benefits. Within the labor costs scheme, everything that you provide to an… Read Article →

  From 1 July 2017, young people from the age of 22 are entitled to the full statutory minimum wage for adults. Now they have this right only from 23 years. A young person aged 22 now earns at least € 1,318.85 gross per month for full-time employment. From 1 July 2017 this will be… Read Article →

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